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Ms. Lynn Briggs

Industry Professional

The Merge Project/The Media Academy

Centinnel, CO, United States

Journalism: Print, Radio, TV, Digital, Traditional and Digital Media

15+ Years of Experience

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  • Radio
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About Me

Lynn Briggs is the Founder/CEO of the Merge Project LLC; is a global consulting and media literacy platform.

Lynn Briggs has worked for more than 40 years in the media broadcasting space. Her career spans a multitude of gigs across the US and UK, including roles as a national afternoon host for Westwood One (adult contemporary formats), midday host of K-LITE 101.7, as host of ABC Radio’s syndicated Classic R & B format. Briggs’ broadcasting career extends into television as well, including anchoring the weekend news for TXCN (Texas Cable News), a Belo-owned network airing in Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio.

During her career, Briggs made her debut as a program director (Stevie Wonder owned KJLH- Los Angeles), music director, promotions director, account executive, voiceover actor, principal with TMG Marketing, and public relations for the National Football League. As student advisor, and executive producer at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Briggs created the university’s inaugural morning show “The Morning Rebellion,” and was instrumental in media placement for several UNLV graduates. Her multiple positions at these organizations have helped each achieved a next level of growth.

Previously, as a program director, music director, and on-air personality; Briggs worked in many of the largest broadcasting markets including WJLB/WMXD/WHYT in Detroit, KJLH/Los Angeles, WQHT/New York, KOAI/Dallas, KOAS/KDWN/Las Vegas, and KSBL/Santa Barbara. Briggs was the first and only African American Woman in the market spearheading a morning team. These accomplishments have not gone unnoticed, in 2017 Briggs was nominated Texas Radio Hall of Fame Induction (an award dedicated to the recognition of broadcasting greats in the Lone Star State) coupled with other prestigious awards such the “Billboard Magazine’s On-Air Personality of the Year, and the “Nevada Broadcasters Association’s Hall of Fame” awards.

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Nevada Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame
Texas Radio Hall of Fame Nominee

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